ChillieWillieGroove– Inspirational, Motivating, Rhythm & Blues, Smooth Jazz, Soul, Funk, Latin influenced mixed in with contemporary christian music from a well seasoned percussionist point of view-Uplifting the name of Jesus and soothing your mind, body, and soul and spirit as the tasty combination of melody, harmony, syncopation, and texture with serious phat grooves bringing you to a new spiritual elevation!!!!!!!!
Come celebrate life with this veteran Latin percussionist/Songwriter whose decades of mimicking, improvising, and interpreting Latin percussion sounds to a jubilation of zest for life in giving God the glory and all the praise!!! Simply one love!!! Ain’t no party like a Holy Ghost Party cause a Holy Ghost Party don’t stop!!!
-chillie willie groove

Track List

Shine Your Light On Me (4:04)
Holy Ghost Party (6:09)
I Can Feel It In My Heart (5:58)
Drum Da Devil (2:07)
Turn Around (7:19)
Light Of My Life (7:58)
Message From The Rainbow (5:13)
Girl You’re Mine (4:28)
Smile On Me/Lord I Know You Understand (9:48)
I Know A Man/His Name Is Jesus (4:24)

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